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Dro, TN, Italy
Valentina Merz

Photos_Valentina Merz

The project takes place in the arid biotop ‘Marocche di Dro’, in northern Italy. The word marocca means ‘sea of rocks’ and it is a great postglacial landslide phenomenon. The building is a little base camp for climbers. The unstable nature of the rocky soil has always impeded any kind of tradicional settlement. It was necessary to think about some kind of light and agile construction, something that could be moved easily and built directly on site. The project is based on a system of wooden boxes, interlocked and filled with rocks afterwards. The system works structurally as a gabion - wall. The external part is protected from the landslides by stones that, by their weight, keep the shelter fixed on the ground. The wooden structure holds the stone walls and shape the interiors of the hut..