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Lighthouse Hotel
Open competition

Location_Capo di Murro di Porco, SI, Italy
Design team_Lara Monacelli Bani, Valentina Merz, Lucia Amaddeo

A stick, 180 m long, connects the ancient Light House of Murro di Porco to the Mediterranean Sea. The staircase, whose rhythm is beated by the slope of the promontory, allows all visitors to plunge into water, to discover underwater caves, to contemplate the breaking waves. A series of ramps takes the guest from the restaurant, through the terrace and the lounge, to the bedrooms. A porous concrete wall, made out of white and yellow calcareous rock aggregates, blends with the surrounding stones. The openings, thin as embrasures, as cavities eroded by the salty sea air, let the southern light coming in and tourists crossing the structure. Thanks to the linear thin volume the precious ecosystem of the promontory and the stunning landscape is preserved.