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Open competition

Institution_Fondazione Cariplo
Location_Fiume Serio, Italy
Design team_Lara Monacelli Bani, Valentina Merz
Collaborator_Associazione O’chipher
Curator_Chiara Crovetto

A large table to weave like the baskets and panniers of ours grandparents, coloured seats to knot where to rest in the shade and finally rediscover the river,
the energy of water and the wind force on its shores making aerial and aquatic sculptures. During each workshop the participants, adults, children, the elderly and the disabled meet, beginning to weave threads, branches and recycled material until the plot becomes a collaboration, attention, listening, curiosity, sharing, being together. When the action is over, on the territory of the park, there will remain some sculptures built by everyone, open and usable by regular visitors of the park, but especially backstage for new artistic, playful and educational scenarios.